I first read about Carcassonne when doing my OE in 1999. I had plans to visit on the way to Bordeaux before returning to Paris to head back to Dublin where I was based. Unfortunately in 1999 all my plans went awry when I ended up in the back of an ambulance in Rome and cut my travels short by about 10 days on discharge. Carcassonne sounded like a fairy tale. So when I knew we were going to be staying in the South of France I put this destination back on the itinerary. The whole whanau that had gathered in Cerbere ended up joining me on this venture so we went on a train trip! I have so many photos of Carcassonne, it’s hard to choose which ones to put up, so they’re in a gallery to scroll through.

Carcassonne is a medieval city within a city! The majority of the city was built around 1067, however it’s due to the restoration projects from the 1850s through to the end of that century that the city remains.

It was a fabulous day out.

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