Undeniably French

So, we are in our last few days in France. On Sunday we head to Barcelona and then on to Rome before coming home. France has been superb. Bordeaux was a gorgeous town. Christchurch town planners should go check out the trams. In fact, I do believe Light Rail or a tram system would be great in the new Christchurch. Strasbourg has a population around the same as Christchurch and it works fine for them too. Bordeaux’s system does not have ugly tram lines overhead – it’s silent, clean and efficient. If we sort out the transport infrastructure BEFORE building our city, we will do things right. Alas, I don’t believe it will happen and we will run into future issues around city transport and parking as has already started to raise its head at Addington.

But back to the lovely France. There are some scenes that just look undeniably french … and no, they’re not just scenes of fromage, baguette et vin rouge (although I have a few of those on my camera after this trip too!). Bicycles, window boxes, gardens… to name a few. Here are some of my favourite shots I’ve managed to capture in the last 2.5 weeks through Strasbourg, Paris, Bordeaux and Cerbere.

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