Who can’t fall in love with Paris? It is such a special place.

We have rented an apartment in Rue Mouffetard. The apartment was built in 1750 (the staircase looks this old still!), which has been modernised and has everything we need in it! Rue Mouffetard is a busy partially pedestrianised street, and has lots of markets, cafes and little shops up and down it.

The architecture in Strasbourg and now in Paris reminds me that little old Christchurch is actually very young – so young it’s not even a toddler in the big scheme of things. It hasn’t changed my mind about saving heritage buildings either. While I’m glad the Arts Centre is being restored, and that New Regent Street stayed ‘alive’… The Arts Centre has a unique history having been our university, and New Regent Street has it’s own style, everything else just blurs into a rambling of buildings that were copied from buildings over this side of the world.

Anyway… back to Paris! Even it gets things wrong sometimes – the hideous 850yr anniversary entrance to the cathedral is an eye-sore. You don’t even get a good photo of the cathedral at the top of it with most cameras as it’s too close. Previously you had the lovely place in front where you could sit, stand, walk and take in views. Other than that, however, the Old Lady is still looking lovely. It is a beautiful cathedral.

Then of course, we took in Le Tour Eiffel. A must see, must do. I adore this fixture which in reality, up close, is just an ugly ironwork… but what an ironwork! And what pleasure it gives so many people. The amount of $ going through its doors must be pretty impressive too! Thousands of people a day flock to this structure.

I don’t think you can ever have too many eiffel towers (I have paintings and photos of it at home) … so you will see I have kept to this motto in my photo taking!


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