Kilmainham Gaol and a library to die for

The Gaol was one place I never got to when I lived in Dublin. So it was on my list of places to visit. The history of Ireland is a bloody one and the gaol has had a major part to play in that. The story of Joseph Plunkett and Grace Clifford was an important one, as the tide of public feeling turned when he was executed the day after marrying her in the gaol. Along with executing a dying man in a chair, and William Pearse being executed because of who his brother was… These are just a few of the stories that changed opinion of the rebels in the public eye.

The tour was well worth doing, particularly if you have followed Irish history, as I have. My grandfather came out to New Zealand in 1922 and it was partly because he’d spent the night in an open grave hiding from the Black and Tans that my great grandmother was glad to see him leave these shores to safety.

After visiting the gaol we went to Trinity College and visited The Long Room. As a book lover I think this place is amazing, as is the restoration work they do.
The Long Room

A restored book

Inks and pigments

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