Back Online!

Phew… the great guys at Youbee managed to get my iMac  up and running.  Downside is I’ve lost all my data.  My bad – I’ve been slack with backing up the data.  Luckily I had all the important photos of family events on a USB and on the upside I’ve been thinking of cleaning up my files/folders for a while – now I’m starting fresh!

The other downside is I’ve lost all but four albums from itunes.  It seemed the cloud only picked up random purchases.  I’ve been googling to no great avail, so if any technies out there know how to get the music from my ipod back on to iTunes – now that it’s running iTunes 11 – please let me know.  The ipod is not being picked up on the cloud (due to changing an email address at some point I think).  I have backed up the ipod to the computer tonight but don’t seem to be able to restore the ipod music backup to the Mac… any suggestions gratefully received 🙂

I can’t sync it as it will wipe the ipod library.  It seems to be one-way traffic in iTunes 11 – from Mac to Ipod – and not the reverse.

Regardless… I can still load from CDs so have started that task but it would just be quicker and some of those recent purchases the iTunes cloud store isn’t recognising  are on the ipod so to get them off it would be great!

LOVING having my big screen back though and listening to BBC internet radio again is bliss… and one of the first things I did was load up skype and chat to my sister and sister-in-law in a group call.  Yes I have learned to do other things in my evenings (read, housework and watch tele in real time…) but it’s good to be back online!



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