So one week ago my iMac died on me.  If I’ve learned anything this week it’s how dependant I have become on having it!

For starters, I have no wi-fi so my phone has used a fair whack of mobile data in just seven days.

Secondly, I don’t know what’s going on in the world.  This is because I read the newspaper online most mornings.  I especially missed it this morning because my Saturday mornings, in winter at least, involve moping around in my PJs, drinking tea and reading my favourite websites and the Press online through the library site.

I’ve had to use telephone banking! shock horror.  I remember it used to be brilliant. Now it feels inconvenient and clunky!

I have had to actually sit through television programmes when they’re scheduled and put up with ad breaks (instead of jumping online).

BUT being disconnected has had it’s advantages – I’ve read four books this week (not that I could do a Teaser Tuesday).  I’ve gone to bed early and been up and at it in the morning with nothing to distract me (see above online news reading) – which is handy as it’s busy at work!

I’ve played the piano, and kept the house tidier than normal.

I just wish it was warmer as I would have been out in the garden too.

So how am I blogging? Not on my phone. I desperately turned to my old laptop.  It’s chugging along like a 99 year old at the end of a half-marathon.  Barely alive.   In fairness, it is 8 years old with no modifications so it’s a marvel it is able to load anything!  So I’m online just long enough to pop on and post and get on my webmail to see if anything important is waiting for me.

I’m then wrapping up and going for a walk in the cold air out there and then back to sit with my fifth book of the week.  It will be a necessary library visit tomorrow to get me through the coming evenings!

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