Strolling in the Sun

What is Mother Nature up to?  This weekend has been like spring!  It’s 17 degrees out there today, so a good day to be productive and I finally sprayed my Rhododendron and pruned the last of my roses, and domestic things like washing (dried outside!).  However this afternoon, after sitting in the sun for a read of the papers I felt it was too good a day to waste.  I did a big walk yesterday, and I did a longer one today – although today was more of a stroll so I went roughly as far but was out for over an hour.  I decided to go in to town. Originally I was aimed for the gardens but with various road cordons and road works ended up parking in Chester St and strolling through Victoria Square, up to New Regent Street, through the square, along Worcester Boulevard and back again.  There were lots of cyclists out and lots of walkers.  A few ‘earthquake tourists’ too – although as I took my camera I guess I looked like one of those too!  You can tell the tourists though… they have a slightly glazed look about them as they take in the empty spaces.

So anyway, back to my walk – I decided to use the time to play with the camera again (or not, and leave that for my photoshop learning!) and it was a good practice at ambling slowly taking in sights, as it’s less than 4 weeks until I am a tourist on the other side of the world!  I do have a slight bicycle fetish – perhaps it’s down to the fact I can’t ride one!

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