The seven of us headed out for a mid-week outing this month.  The venue of choice being Gorilla, in Ferrymead.

One of Jonny Schwass’ ventures, Gorilla describes itself as Good Food, Good Booze and Good Hospitality.  I’d heard mainly good things about the place, but as always, someone had struck an off night!  However, for us, they lived up to their motto.

I would describe the menu as a mix of tapas and mains.  With menu sections such as Snack Plates, Little Plates, CharCo (chargrilled tacos), Big Plates, Not Meat, and Sweet As, there was something for everyone.  The hardest decisions of the night were firstly do we snack or do mains, and when we decided to snack, what to order?!  In the end each of us ordered two dishes – mainly from the Small, Snack  and Not Meat plates.  In the end we ended up with the special of the night – pulled pork meatballs, lamb croquettes, garlic prawns, charcoal bread and hummus, pork ribs, dripping potatoes and the beetroot salad.  We doubled up on a couple of the plates to ensure we all got a taste.  The initial idea was we’d order 2 plates each and see how we go, order more if needed.  Well, suffice to say, as often is the case when you can ‘graze’ or ‘nibble’ at different plates and flavours, by the time the plates were empty we were all feeling quite full… and very happy with the flavours we’d tasted.

We then decided that while we had eaten enough we didn’t require mains or further plates, there was still room for dessert!  (When is there no room?)  Four lots of salted caramel ice-cream, one crumble and one chocolate pudding plate later, we were all very very satisfied with great food and a good night.  The two staff who served our table were efficient, friendly, gave good advice and I had no problem with any of the evening.

We divvied up the bill as some of us had more than one drink (alcohol always distorts the bill) and one hadn’t had a dessert.  My bill came to $36 … plus $11 for the wine I had on arrival.  Not too bad a night.  You could certainly eat quite cheaply or go mad and spend up depending on how hungry you are – although the mains are all very reasonably priced too.  The only downer for me was the 25 minute drive back across town afterwards.  I do think it’s probably a good thing Gorilla isn’t in my neighbourhood though, as I could easily become a regular!

As usual I got side-tracked with great conversation, but I did manage a photo of the desserts … 20130717_204329_resized


And for local folk, here’s the link to the Gorilla website Gorilla.  Jonny Schwass will be opening up a new venture very soon, so watch this space!


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