A Lovely Start to the Weekend

After a sleepless night, thanks to the Nor’west blowing a gale, I woke to a beautiful calm sunny day.  I had arranged to go to a movie with my friend CJ, and it was at the Academy at the Colombo.

Welcome back to this lovely theatre – even if it is in a new building, new location, I’m looking forward to the movies that will be on offer.  Until now, Alice’s has been the only place to see those indie movies, outside of the Film Festival.

So off we went to see Before Midnight.  For those of you who don’t know about this movie, it’s the most recent in a set of movies that never started out as a series, but has become a trilogy – all about 9-10 years apart, following Jesse and Celine who meet originally as 20-ish year olds on a night train to Vienna in the movie Before Sunrise.  9 years later came the movie Before Sunset which followed up what had happened to the two.  Now, Before Midnight, brings us to Jesse and Celine as 41 year olds.  They are lovely, slightly hypnotic movies, dealing with these two characters who are romantics at heart.  Starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy,  both actors co-wrote the movie with Richard Linklater and you can feel how they know the characters right through.  I’m not going in to plot or spoilers, in case you have seen the other two movies and want to see this one,  but it did feel like I’d just caught up on the lives of two friends.  It was a great way to start the weekend.

Since then I’ve bought some crusty bread and cheese to have with my french onion soup tonight, been to the library and filled up the car.  I’ve got some new books to read, and two magazines, so am planning on sitting in the sun and relaxing for the rest of the afternoon while the washing dries in the nor’west.  Contentment.

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