Another perspective

This video is getting some airplay at the moment through the news.

For those of you who wonder why I like open spaces… it’s because after 3 years, I’m used to them!  For those that are kiwi – do you know where you are in this video?  I live in the city and got disorientated.   The Blue Pallet Pavillion is where the Crown Plaza (old Park Royal) was in Victoria Square and the white building with coloured blocks up the side is in Cashel Street – Manchester St end.  See if that helps (it doesn’t really!!)

And for those of you living elsewhere, this is how a so called “first world” country is recovering from a major quake 3 years later…. so think twice about Haiti, Indonesia etc….  We’re not so bad off here really, but it is SLOW progress.

The Pallet Pavillion, the Arcades and other things like Re:Start Mall (colourful container scene in the middle of the video) are the bright patches in a somewhat desolate city.  In my blog I want to celebrate the forward steps, but sometimes it’s worth reminding everyone… we have a long way to go too.

Love & Hugs to my fellow Cantabrians xx

Christchurch from the air

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