Seaside Saunter


So we’re pretty much at the half-way point of the year.  Today dawned frosty and clear, but as the day went on a bit of high cloud appeared.  I did some laundry and pruned my Jubilee & Chameleon roses, and went to the library and picked up some books, including some photography books.  I have a new camera and need to start playing with it so that when I go to Europe I know how to make the best use of it!!!

After lunch though, I was feeling a bit house-bound.  Time to take that camera for a walk.  I decided to by-pass town, even though the cordon was finally lifted today, because I didn’t want the crowds.  It would have been nice to go see the PM thank the defence forces for their time in Christchurch, as I think they’ve done a great and somewhat thankless task, but with the fine weather felt it would just be a bit mad anywhere near the centre of town.

And so it was, that I found myself driving out to the beach.  New Brighton Beach.  It’s a sobering drive, one that gives the suspension in the car a work out.  Every time I do this trip (it’s about 3 months since last time), there are more empty sections, more vacant and vandalised houses and more overgrowth.  Oh, and detours. Lots of detours.

Finally I got to the beach and got out of the car, walking up to the pier and breathed in a deep breath of fresh, cold, sea air.  There’s something about the sea.  My mother and grandmother loved going to the seaside.  Mum detested the sand, but apart from that she loved it.  I think I have a bit of them in me, as I’m the same.  Even on a cold day.  I think it’s just that full force of nature face-on.  Pounding surf, wind, sun, whatever you get at the beach it seems to hit all your senses.

The gallery below is from my experimentation with the camera.  I used a couple of filters, but one or two are me playing with exposures.  Still not sure of what I’m doing, but it’s fun learning.

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