No DIY for Me Tonight.

This should be a list post.  I’ve not created one for a bit.  Instead I’ve been pre-occupied tonight trying how to figure out how to fix my sink plug.  It’s one of those pop-up ones and it’s been sticking lately – and the last couple of days it’s stuck really badly and I nearly didn’t manage to release it.  So I figured I’d give it a go of fixing it myself.  Google is a great tool.  It taught me how to change a fuse which I did for the first time last year.  I know how to re-wire a plug.  In my first-ever driving lesson we had a flat tire and at the age of 15 the driving instructor made me change it.  He had to help – it’s heavy work and I can’t lift heavy things or do things that are too physical… but I made a good fist of it, and I know the theory.  If I was really stuck, I’d do it again.  Although, AA Memberships are worth their weight in gold!  🙂 

So, anyway where I was heading is, I’ll give things a go if I think I can physically manage it.

But I’m afraid the plug at the moment has stumped me.  My basin pipeware doesn’t look like any of the examples on the net.  I did manage to get a bit of it undone and clean it out, but it’s not the problem.   I might just have to ask for help on this one.  There are some times when being independent sucks!  The irony is I have 5 brothers, who can all do handy things… just none of them live handy.  I must admit I usually have a list of things for them to do for me when they visit (just little things, like painting, landscaping …)

Oh well, as an optimist, I’m going back to Google!

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