Talk About the Weather

Other countries must think we’re a bit strange.  We kiwis LOVE talking about the weather.  I’m not really sure why.  At the moment we’re caught in a big storm.  This was to be the mother of all storms, and we, in Christchurch, were promised snow.  Bigger than ’92.  I remember ’92.  I was reading the news and weather on the student radio RDU and got a bit bored saying “it’s snowing”.  Also, having spent many years in Dunedin I also found it quite laughable that a city with 95% of the population living on a flat area came to a standstill because if it.  In Dunedin, a hilly town, it snowed nearly every year, and I can only vaguely remember a stand-still when it was shut-off for 3 weeks in the 70s and I was a mere toddler.  Us kids thought it was great and  I  remember sliding down the hill in the plastic baby’s bath my older siblings turned into a sled!

2012 Snowfall

2012 Snowfall

I got excited about the forecasted snow.  So I was hoping for something like this picture… and instead we just got horrid rain. Rain and more rain.   But then, there’s the other side of the storm.  Living in Christchurch snow really is a double-edged sword.  I love the fun of the snow when it starts falling, and the prettiness when it’s like this picture.  But it’s the last thing our city needs.  We have too many people affected by flooding, broken houses, damp and horrid living conditions after the earthquake.  So it’s a relief for those people that the promised snow hasn’t come.

I spent the afternoon in bed, as I had come home with a dreadful migraine type headache and slept on and off for about four hours.  I listened to the weather hitting the roof and windows from under my snug duvet and counted my blessings, yet again.  The wind started to get up late this afternoon and it’s pretty gusty and wild out there at the moment, so my thoughts are with my fellow Cantabrians, for whom this weather is yet another tough hurdle.  Let the sun that is forecast to return on Sunday, come sooner!  And I’ll just have to be content with looking at pictures of heavy, cold snow on TV.


4 responses to “Talk About the Weather

  1. I had a feeling the media had over hyped it. Gee I remember Aug-1992 very clearly. Waking up to dead silence and seeing all that snow outside!

  2. Gosh – We think we are bad enough in Wellington with our massive storm, but it is relatively easy to clean up when everything settles, but my thoughts are with you all in Christchurch still dealing with the aftermath of the earthquakes. Keep strong!

    • The storm in Wellington sounds like it was horrific! At least we kept power on down here. I got my few minutes of excitement with a brief dusting of snow this morning – it’s on the hills, but gone from the flat.

      • We have weathered it well here but worse on the South Coast of Wellington. We still had power, but there were a lot of people that lost power. The winds are slowly settling now. Hopefully the worst of the storm is over. Keep warm and safe.

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