A Just Dabbling Attempt at Wire Wrapped Beads

After going to the Encraftment Market the other day I was inspired to “have a go”, particularly after meeting Sonia from Creative Chook (blog link at the side) who was so friendly and encouraging.  I had some beads at home from a bracelet that went wrong and I discovered I had some silver wire at the correct gauge from a disastrous attempt to crochet (yes, crochet!) a wire bracelet.  I managed to pick up some black wire as well when I was out and about on Sunday, so I started playing.  I discovered my lipstick was the perfect size for a ring-finger sized ring!  I’ll have to look around for options for smaller or larger rings!

Youtube is also great in finding out how to do things.  I’d had a good look at the ring I’d purchased and kind of figured out what to do, but found a video to give me some nice tips too.

So here it is, my dabbling in wire wrapped bead rings!  I’ve made five rings … it’s quite addictive!  Also a good way to use up some beads I had lying around the place.

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