Made Dirt Cheap

(with apologies for $ details to Gid! xx)

Tools at the ready

I got crafty last weekend.  It was my sister’s 50th birthday on Tuesday and I made her a necklace and bracelet.  We’re going  to Europe for 30 days later in the year, so I’m not heading to Wellington for the celebrations this weekend, and I wasn’t going to spend on a present, but I did want something that she could keep.  When I was out and about with my friend last weekend, we stopped in at a bead shop here in Christchurch.  For the amount of a completed necklace at the work-shop, I purchased enough beads for a necklace and bracelet… and as it turned out, earrings (if you’re reading this sis, you’ll get the earrings later! I didn’t have the findings for them last week!)

Stringing the beads

Then today, I went back to the shop and bought some more beads… this time: quelquechose pour moi

I purchased a mix of ‘seed’ shaped beads and used the last of the circular beads I had last week to make my set.  The earrings were the hardest with mine, I only had a few beads left and they’re slightly different sizes – but that’s the imperfection of the beads.  They’ll do for now – I may go back and get a couple of individual seed beads to make them look a bit better, or a hoop to string them on as well.  It’s quite relaxing putting these together – the hardest bit is tying the knots and putting the end beads on!

Final product, for Gid

Final product, for Gid


So, voila, for less than $50 I have two necklaces, two bracelets and two pairs of earrings.  Not bad eh?

Gid's earrings

Gid’s earrings




Here’s my set in the making:

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