How to Clear a Head

I’m on leave at the moment. And I’ve got a head cold.  This is making me slightly grumpy, as you can imagine, as I really wanted to feel rested after the 5-day weekend I’d created.  Chances are I’ll go back to work recovered, but feel like the leave was a bit wasted.

Yesterday it was like someone turned a tap on in my nose.  Today I’m just fog-headed and feeling lousy.  It’s not like I’m critically ill, or anything, just a bit exhausted from lack of breathing easy and feeling a little sorry for myself.  It is such a beautiful day too!  So, I told myself to get over it and get out and enjoy the day.  I medicated up with some panadol and some decongestant, grabbed what seemed like half a box of tissues for my handbag, grabbed my library bag and off I went.  First to the library to return books and pick some more up.  Then on to the bead shop to buy some beads, so I can get creative.  Then, I headed into town with my new camera.  I know I did the north side walk last weekend, but I didn’t get near the square, so I decided to head on in and look at the ol’ girl.  She’s looking a bit shambolic with fences, cranes, half plundered Cathedrals and the like… but I think I’ve managed to make her look okay with some of the effects on the camera.

Afterwards I went back down New Regent Street and treated myself to (shameless plug) a Mrs Higgins Cookie – OMG the Peanut Butter & Chocolate one is to die for.  Not really what I need after hopping on the scales this morning.  As the saying goes, though, “Feed a cold, starve a fever”.  Definitely head cold, definitely needs feeding!

Now I’m back home feeling a bit clearer in the head – great to get out in the fresh air and it was so lovely and mild.  I can rest up a bit with my new books or do some jewellery making and let the cold take its course.

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