Northside Update

I had a fabulous lunch out (more on that in the Bailies Bar post) today, and it was such a glorious day, so I stopped on my way at New Regent Street, and afterwards at the Pallet Pavillion because the Vintage market (due to finish at 2pm) was still going.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANew Regent Street really is a pretty street.  I’m a little ambivalent after the earthquakes to heritage buildings – give me safe over old any day – BUT I am so glad that this street suffered so little damage and has reopened.  It will be even better when the building at the end (being deconstructed presently) is gone and the street opens up to the river.  There are going to be some pretty precincts by the river, and this will be one of them.  Not much of the retail in the street is open yet, but it was good to see people about and having coffees etc to support those that are open.

The Isaac Theatre Royal is an astonishing sight.  It really is the facade being held up here.  The middle wall fell away (on the stairwell sidewhere  you used to go up the stairs to the Gods) so they’ve removed the middle and you can see the back – complete with (I think) the lighting rig from over the stage?  It’s astounding.  By the iron bars and foundation work you can see they’re well on their way to getting this beauty back together.  Another jewel to have back.  There’s a few different fund-raising campaigns for the ITR including one to get the International Film Festival to use it as it’s Christchurch home.  That would be fabulous.  Check out their website if you want to get involved NZ International Film Festival.

This is a shocking admission but today was the first day I’ve been to the Pallet Pavillion – another fundraising effort is going on to get this temporary venue extended through another summer to next Mar/April.  It is very cool – and on a warm, nor’west early winter’s day it was the perfect setting for some music, some food… and the Vintage Market which was raising funds.  The Arcades (pictured below) will house market and food stands in the future and were designed for the Transitional Archticture Festival (the illuminated one) last year.

A great day to be out and about.  I do love Christchurch.  Despite everything, it’s still my favourite city in the country and on days like today it’s so easy to see the positive, creative and hopeful future that our city will be bigger, brighter and better.


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