Bailies Bar

Today’s venue for lunch was the Bailies Bar – yes, that of Christchurch Cathedral Square fame, now located at Edgeware Village.

Bailies is deceptively large inside – the outside view makes you think it’s going to be quite small and pokey.  The venue was lovely and open, warm and with lots of wonderful memorabilia on the walls just like the old pub.

So there were seven of us today and we ordered amongst us the Big Breakfast, Scrambled Eggs, Lamb & Feta Salad, Steak Sandwich and Fish and Chips.  I was very remiss and didn’t take any photographs, but sometimes a picture doesn’t tell the story with food anyway (with my photo skills, anyway!).  All you need to know here is that every plate was scraped clean!  Both the breakfast and lunch menus were on offer at the time we were booked (12.30pm) which is quite good as many places have switched to just one menu by that time.

I had one of the Lamb & Feta Salads and it was lovely – tender marinated meat and a nice light green salad with feta cheese.  It did feel like quite a healthy lunch, yet was filling.  It came with a side bread.  The Fish & Chips looked fabulous. I’m not really a fish eater at all, but it looked tempting to me.  Lightly battered big chunks of fish on top of crisp looking fries and a side salad.  The Steak Sandwich, which came with a side of fries also looked pretty divine (it was going to be my second choice).  The Big Breakfast looked ample – mushrooms probably the only vege – with home-made hash browns, bacon, sausages, eggs, it was a decent plate sized amount of food.  The Scrambled Eggs came on a nice brown toast and looked pretty good as well.  As I said all plates were completely clean at the end of lunch!

As we had all eaten so well, none of us ordered a dessert.  When we went up to pay we saw the cabinet of the desserts and the Jelly Tip Cheesecake might need to be tried on my next visit – it looked amazing!

Pleasant, friendly staff and a nice atmosphere made for a very nice couple of hours.  The wait for food did seem a little long, but I think that had more to do with the fact that I was quite hungry on arrival than being an inordinate length of time!

I’ll definitely venture back to the Bailies Bar.  Like Pomeroys & Twisted Hop Bars they offer music, quiz nights and general pub fun during the week. Check them out!


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