Patching the City

Every street in Christchurch tells a story.  There are some very sad stories with 185 people dying across the city because of the Feb 22 Earthquake.  As the time passes and demolition moves to rebuild, there are different stories emerging, some of them quite creative.

Crossing Airbridge

Crossing Airbridge


I went for a walk tonight up Colombo Street – it is open to traffic now to Hereford Street.  Small steps.  The airbridge between Ballantynes and The Crossing was covered up a few weeks ago, and I approach work from the other side where the picture is blue sky and clouds.  It looks … okay.  But the perspective from the north side looking south is quite effective, as I discovered when I walked up to the intersection.  The “continuation” of the buildings is very cool.


Patched pavers

Patched Pavers

The pavements from Cashel Mall to Hereford Street are, like many others, patched with paving between bricks, and I thought this was a cool contrast tonight.   The patchwork pavements aren’t deliberately creative, but my mind saw them as such, particularly with my black and white filter.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the north side of the square and I had hoped to venture further, but it was cold and getting dark after work.  I see the need to venture into town during the weekend to have a good look around.  I’ll post up what I find.

One response to “Patching the City

  1. It is so nice to see that you are looking at the positives in the rebuild of Christchurch. As you say though it is very small steps. I hope that you have a good day Susanv

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