Where the music takes you

Music is a very powerful thing.  Hearing it can change your mood, it can uplift you, it can make you cry, and it can bring back some powerful memories.  Whenever I hear The Stereophonics, I’m transported back to my days in Dublin, listening to  You Gotta Go There To Come Back with my flatmate Colm.  It came out while I was living over there.  Kelly Jones’ voice isn’t one that I’d normally say I love, but it’s his voice with the mix with the guitars and music that works so well.

Tonight I was listening to music across the interweb, and came across this track.  Boy it’s a powerful one.  In true Stereophonic style, this song is a story and a sad, tragic one at that.  The lyrics mixing with the string-sounded synth made goosebumps jump up all over me.  I’ve listened to it 3x in a row now and each time the same reaction.  This song moved me.  That’s the sign of something pretty good.


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