#52Lists – List 16 – Nature’s Best

I was driving home tonight and the sky was amazing.  Over the Port Hills a cloud was coming in smothering them halfway across – it was really white and looked like snow.  We’d had fog until after lunch so I thought it was just the fog rolling back in, but by the time I got to Moorhouse Ave to pick up some petfood for Mme Tatie and got back into the car the cloud had cleared again.  Over the nor-west side, there was an amazing arch and an amazing sunset happening.  I don’t have a photo, because I was driving and it was peaktime traffic so couldn’t pull over.  It got me thinking… what are my favourite things and places that Nature gives us?

  • Rainbows
  • Nor’west sunsets
  • Red-sky in the morning sunrises
  • Snow – when it’s freshly falling
  • Watching a southerly roll in
  • Wild coastlines with surf (thinking Cape Foulwind, Tauranga Bay)
  • Scenic coastlines  (Moeraki Beach, Punakaiki, Coramandel Peninsula)
  • Sun-showers
  • Spring bulbs in flower
  • Perfect rose buds
  • Birdsong first thing in the morning

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