Two steps forward, one step back

I’ve had a pretty good day.  I started at 6.15am doing my workout.  Kick-started the day with hot water & lemon, then a healthy-ish breakfast of toasted fruit muffins.  There was a morning tea for my colleague this morning and I had a seed bar, rather than something naughty, although I did do the full-fat hot chocolate (it’s all about balance!).  Left over lunch was my spinach, courgette, pepper & walnut pasta with feta cheese (minimal but good quality sheep’s feta) followed by an apple.  Afternoon tea was some muesli and yoghurt and dinner was a savoury mince (with courgettes & tomatoes) with a little mashed  potato on top.   That’s a pretty good day for me.  Then I took the step backward.  I ate the last couple of my Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Truffles which I had made at the weekend.  Sigh.  Still, all in all, it’s about balance.

Madam Tatie stretches out

Madam Tatie stretches out


I had hoped to put my feet up and read in my favourite chair (Pop’s chair) as I’ve got my latest copy of Frankie Magazine… but someone beat me to my spot!  Perhaps I should do some yoga to finish my day instead.

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