#52 Lists – List 15 …. I wish I…

I haven’t done a list for a couple of weeks… oops.

Anyway at some point today I heard a grown man state he wished he could ride a bike.  Wow!  I thought I was the only one!  Due to health restrictions I never learned to ride a bike.  Nor swim.  At age 25 I did take swimming lessons and can at least float on my back and do backstroke.  Not exactly swimming, but I can’t do the breathing so it’s face up or not at all!  The top of my bucket list (I don’t really have one though) is to learn to ride a bike and my brother thought he’d teach me over the christmas hols.  Not that I’d be able to go far, but it would be nice to say I can do it.  So it made me think of all the things I wish for, physically, mentally etc etc

So, in no particular order:

  • Ride a bike
  • Swim (properly)
  • Paint
  • Own a vineyard !
  • Be a landscaper or an architect
  • Have a chat show like Parky or Graham (radio would do me  fine, wouldn’t have to be TV as long as my guests were groovy) 
  • Could cook like Jamie Oliver, as easily as he does it, and with the panache although in a somewhat more feminine style!
  • Play the violin
  • Have a cute cafe in the south of Spain
  • Be fluent in five languages like some of the europeans I met travelling.
  • Sing like Emelie Sande.  I can sing, and in tune, but I’m more of a choir voice 
  • Could sew without a pattern

That’s probably enough for now – and lots of these are things I could still aim for.  The cafe and vineyard are probably dreams, but hey, what’s life without dreams?  In the meantime, if I learn to ride a bike, I’ll blog about it and you’ll know.  What do you wish?




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