False Economies?

I felt rather proud of myself today, I had a $25 Redcurrent voucher to use and a $30 one for Blue Illusion, so off I went to the Colombo (looking groovy by the way, if you’re a foodie, head on down there and check it out).  I had received the voucher free when I renewed a magazine subscription earlier in the year, and it was due to expire.  So I wandered around the store, finally buying a new wee leather change wallet (my beloved multi-coloured wallet is dying with the coin bit not staying closed any more).

Cool colour huh?

Cool colour huh?

I then went off to *the Mall* and took a deep breath before entering this place of horror.  I detest the Mall, but Blue Illusion isn’t anywhere else, so I had to go there.  The trouble was, I had to spend $50 minimum to use the voucher.  I had bought a nice pair of 3/4 pants in summer and thought, oh well, I might get something for work.  I’m busy saving for Europe at the moment, so clothes purchases are few and far between.  I wandered around, looked at the clothes – nothing jumped out at me – and the scarves, and the jewellery.  I thought a scarf might be nice and brighten up my existing wardrobe – but they were all over $90 so I decided spending $60 so I could use a $30 voucher was stupid.  I left the shop and tore the voucher up (only lasts another day or so).  I patted myself on the back and went on my way.

Later, I saved myself $112 by writing the names down of three books I would love … and placing holds on them at the library.  They’ll cost me $2.00 each for the hold order.  I had also done my menu plan for the week so went off to the supermarket.  This is when I fell apart – no not with food, but as I was leaving walked past the pharmacy and saw some lovely scarves!  At only $25.00 each I found a gorgeous one… and I succumbed.  I figured $25 is only around 15 euro, and a new scarf will brighten up all my old clothes I’m living in while I save for my trip.  So I did have a wee splurge, but think I’ve saved in the long run.  Or am I fooling myself?  It is a gorgeous scarf though and as my main working uniform is black, will brighten up my wardrobe as the autumn days change.

The offending (but lovely) scarf

The offending (but lovely) scarf


So, have I done well, or did I fall at the last hurdle?


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