In Search of Mum’s Meatloaf

I had a hankering for meatloaf last weekend.  I made HFG’s Meatloaf as it’s the only recipe I had on hand.

My meatloaf

My meatloaf

I don’t have mum’s recipe.  Because I lived by myself, I never made meatloaf … I’d just come round for dinner when mum made it!  Now that she’s gone I’ve asked all my siblings whether they had the recipe and nobody can find it.  Ali found two, but they didn’t even sound like mum’s… just cut-outs she might have thought about trying.   As my sister said “I think she made it up as she went along”.

So we know she used carrot and possibly onion (or apple?) and she used sausage meat as well as mince, eggs, breadcrumbs or sometimes weet-bix.  But it’s the sauces she added for flavour that seem to be the difference.  She definitely did something special. My meatloaf was okay, but it was a bit bland.  It was missing something – mum’s touch!   My next attempt to recreate it will include tomato sauce in some capacity.  So any of you foodies out there, let me know what you put in your meat loaf as I’d be interested to know.  I have most of my favourite recipes that mum made.  I don’t know why I missed that meatloaf one.  Probably because it seemed too much for one person to make and stupidly felt I’d never eat/freeze it… and when it’s available at home…

Well it’s a small regret in the big scheme of things, but I’d love to sit down one more time with mum and dad, eating meatloaf and bug her for the recipe.

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