OMG Moment leaving work…

Leaving work tonight a surreal feeling came over me.  The cordon has been moved from Colombo Street.  For the first time in 2 years and 42 days I crossed Colombo Street and walked down the next block of Cashel Street.  I can’t describe the feeling. Weird, surreal, exciting, emotional!  It had been a cold rainy day, so I was a bit surprised to leave and find it cold but calm with no wind and just a grey sky.  That weather  added to the conflicting feeling of numbness turning into emotion walking down this small part of my city.  Everyone was the same.  Everyone was a little bit hushed, and surprised, and that “oh my god” in a whispered but excited voice.  Everyone was “crossing the road”…just because they could.

And you know what?  I don’t mind the gaudy painted colours on the street (you can see them in the pharmacy shot).  We still need a lot of colour in our town as there is so much space… as you can see from these shots.

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