Autumn colour

IMG_0147While I adore summer, and the warmth, my favourite season is Autumn.  Particularly the early part of it, when the days are still warm and t-shirts are still the order of the day.  I particularly enjoy watching the trees change colour.  The leaves turn gold and brown, reflecting the warmth and there’s just a nostalgic feel to the air when you go for a walk.  Which is what I did today, to walk off some of the easter treats I’ve eaten.

As I trudged around the neighbourhood, I took some shots of the leaves that are just beginning to fall in greater numbers.  In another month or so they’ll be piles to crunch through (something I always enjoyed as a child, was walking through crunchy autumn leaves) and then they’ll get wet and mulchy as the winter weather approaches.IMG_0149

But for today, with the air a warm 25 degrees, and the blue sky and golden sun beating down on me, it was just bliss walking through my leafy ‘burb.



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