#52Lists – List 11

I’m thinking of going without TV for a while.  I haven’t gotten around to doing anything about my old dunger TV and it won’t work soon when we switch to Digital in Chch. Typical – it still worked after an earthquake threw it on the ground (note the scratches!), so nature didn’t kill it, technology will! As I’m saving for my trip to Europe, even the digital converter box at $119 seems excessive.  I only watch about 9 hours of TV a week – the 6pm news if I’m home, Never Mind The Buzzcocks & QI on a Monday night, and Graham Norton and Seven Days on a Friday – most other nights I turn the TV off, put on internet radio and read a book or surf the net.  With the net, you don’t even really need a TV.

The Big Dunger

The Big Dunger

So it got me thinking, what else could I go without?  So this list is Things I Don’t Need, but Still Have.

  • TV
  • Cassette Tapes … although I do still have one cassette tape player in the house
  • PastaMachine
  • A number of casserole dishes (redundant since I purchased my crockpot)
  • 2 years worth of Life & Leisure magazines
  • CD Walkman
  • Four broken suitcases
  • Five winter coats
  • Flat heeled black boots
  • Point & Shoot camera – one that takes, gasp, film!
  • Sewing machine (ummm… intention is to use this, so perhaps not!)

Scratches from Feb 22, 2011

Goodness – it looks like I have a few things I can put on Trademe.  I’ll keep the sewing machine. I do know how to use it afterall, and if I’m going to save money, I may need to use it!

I think a de-cluttering venture may happen following this blog.  I have an entire spare room I want to empty too, but I didn’t want to list all the things I’ve stuffed into that!  And WHO needs five winter coats?  Four is more than enough 😉

Note: Previous lists in the #52 Lists are found on My Old Blog (listed at the right).

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